Document Management

Document management, also called as content management, is the systematic approach to digitizing, storing, managing, and retrieving documents. Irrespective of size, all organizations must manage two types of data:

  • Structured data (database information)
  • Unstructured data (paper documents, pictures, etc.)

A document management solution makes available tools that enable you to capture, route, and store, manage, and archive your unstructured data in a very secure way. Document management solutions enable you to manage this unstructured data by storing it in a single repository and connecting it together by one or more “keys” (e.g., customer number, employee ID). Document management is easily and quickly accessed—by authorized users only—either directly from within the document management system, or via one or more of the organization’s software applications.

Benefits of Document Management to My Organization

When a document management solution is well- designed can significantly reduce operational costs and enhance the efficiency with which documents and other electronic content are handled. Customers who used it gave the following benefits:

  • Enhanced security of electronic content, involving paper documents that have been changed into an electronic format
  • Improved the ability to offer operational continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Decrease costs incurred when storing and retrieving paper and electronic documents
  • Reduced storage space
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies through the electronic routing and sharing of documents


How Can I Help My Organization Embrace Document Management Solutions?

Traditionally, Document management systems are seen as expensive things that can only be bought by exclusively by large conglomerates. Currently, with a decrease in software and hardware prices, systems are not just affordable; in actual fact they assist organizations decrease the costs involved in handling paper documents and other electronic content.

Imagine your own organization. How much time do people used searching for documents or reproducing lost or misfiled documents? Are you able to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries? Do you spend time and money mailing or shipping documents from one location to another, or even moving documents from one floor to another? And how much physical space is being covered by your filing cabinets?

How safe and secure are your documents? If your building caught a fire, flood, or tornado, how long would it take to recover documents that were damaged or destroyed? Would you be able to reproduce them? Is your organization able to comply with the growing number of government regulations that require you to maintain copies of your documents for long periods of time? How can you ensure that these documents are not accessible to those who are not authorized to access them?

What are the components of Document Management?

Key components of an effective document management system are:

  • Document scanners
  • Document capture software
  • Document management software
  • Server hardware and software
  • Data storage and backup devices

Getting Started with Document Management

GDS has established strong relationships with many of the major vendors of document management solutions in the industry. GDS has already research and built a comprehensive lineup of tested, best–of–breed solutions. This enables you to design custom solutions to address your special document management challenges—at a price point that fits your budget. Your GDS account manager is supported by a team of certified document management solution architects who are always available to help you with varied solutions to address your organization's challenges. Be it an objective of eliminating a few filing cabinets in a single department or create sophisticated workflows to electronically route documents throughout your organization, your dedicated specialist are here to help. GDS comprehensive approach includes:

  • A preliminary “discovery call” to understand your objectives, requirements, and budget
  • On the ground assessments and workflow analysis engagements
  • Solution design
  • Vendor evaluation and recommendations
  • Product demonstrations
  • In-depth price proposals
  • Evidence of concept ⁄ product assessments
  • Solution implementation, training, and ongoing support
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