As government technology solutions continue to evolve, it’s important to stay up-to-date on industry changes. Whether you’re hard at work at the office or on the road, GDS specialists are here to make your job easier and your data safer.

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure unifies servers, storage, networking, and management into one pre-designed, pre-tested, pre-architected, and pre-built solution. Be it that you are looking for an optimized data centre or a fully redundant disaster recovery site, GDS can help meet your organization’s objectives with a converged infrastructure solution.

Cloud Computing

The implementation of cloud computing is changing the way we store and secure our data. By saving software on a back-end server, instead of individual computers, users are able to access the virtualized software from any client device. Cloud computing provides several benefits to your organization including reduced hardware, software, maintenance and management costs.

Data Loss Prevention

With your data moving at the speed of light, you want to make sure nothing slips through the cracks—missing data could mean missing millions. GDS offer a wide range of data loss prevention solutions to help you make sure you’re protecting the lifeblood of your organization. Non-invasive data collection monitors your data without impacting applications. So no matter how fast your data is moving, you can keep it out of the wrong hands.


One of the fastest-growing mandates is to exploit mobility and provide employees with secure, anywhere access to key applications. To keep up with this trend, GDS offer mobility solutions that include the mobile devices and the mobile device management software that sets your mobile policies and security for all mobile platforms.

Storage Management & Virtualization

With a wide range of activities from compliance with records retention to the need to scale seamlessly without causing a disruption in service, data storage management has become a larger focus for IT. GDS provide solutions that assist you to tier your data, providing access to the mission-critical data while archiving the retention data to more cost efficient storage methods.

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