Managed Print Service

GDS Managed Print Services (MPS) is a customizable offering that provides a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way to procure any combination of printing hardware, supplies, service, and support in one convenient solution.

Be it that you are just trying to make the task of purchasing printer supplies more automated, convenient, and cost-effective, or just looking to update and optimize your printer fleet by leveraging the productivity and money-saving benefits built into the latest printer technology—GDS Managed Print Services can be of great assistance to you.

How Will Managed Print Services Benefit My Organization?

All sizes of organization from every industry are faced with the challenge of enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs. For most organizations, printing expenses are largely undocumented, unpredictable, and out of control. The outcome of this is that, these organizations are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) to assist them control their printing environment.

GDS’s Managed Print Services offerings are designed to assist an organization by streamlining management and minimizing the costs associated with printing. GDS MPS provides the following benefits:

  • Free remote printer fleet audit
  • Automated just-in-time supplies replenishment accompanied by electronic alerts to ensure printer availability and minimize supplies inventory and potential waste
  • Electronic notifications for service issues
  • Multiple techniques to supplies replenishment, customized to meet your needs:
    • “Pay-per-cartridge” model: Enables you to purchase printer supplies as and when needed on a cost-plus discounted pricing structure. You pay only for the cartridges you consume, when you consume them, with no minimums or maximums. Cost-plus pricing applies to all printers and printer consumables offered by GDS.
    • “Pay-per-click” or “cost-per-page” model: Offers you a monthly billings based on your print volumes (number of printed pages) generated during the month, charged at a pre-determined cost for each page. Break-fix printer services can be included in the page cost.
  • Varieties to choose from in printer break-fix services with prepaid, monthly, and retainer payment options, and the ability to add or remove services on any printer at any time
  • Equipment leasing options
  • Comprehensive printer fleet monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Assigned MPS Solution Architect to help you manage and optimize your printer fleet


How Can My Organization Embrace Manage Print Services With My Effort?

Using GDS Managed Printing Services is not difficult once you have a better understanding of the benefits your organization will derive from using GDS MPS. GDS assist you take control and better manage all your printing and imaging devices. In addition, it will help optimize your print fleet and give you visibility into the assets that are in place, their level of use, and their cost impact.

GDS MPS assist you to improve productivity and simultaneously make smart use of financial resources, with a solution that conveniently provides all you need without reducing capital or cash. GDS program will not only assist you maximize and control your print fleet and related costs today; it will help manage it and control costs in the future.

What Comprises a Managed Print Services Solution?

GDS printer fleet management software solution, offers these benefits:

  • Allows us to collect an initial snapshot (audit) of the printers installed in your fleet. This contains helpful information on each printer such as device manufacturer, model, serial number, IP address, and print volumes.
  • Monitors every single printer under management and provides electronic alerts when a supply item on a printer reaches a user-definable level, prompting the user to order more of that supply item.
  • Monitors every single printer for certain error conditions and provides electronic service alerts.
  • Gives an overall management and user-level reporting on the entire printer fleet.

Additional components of GDS MPS include:

  • Volume discounting on printers, printer consumables, and break-fix warranty services.
  • Assigned MPS Solution Architects to assist you manage and optimize your printer fleet by monitoring the information and conducting periodic reviews.
  • Leasing options to allow you to acquire more cost-effective and energy-efficient equipment while reducing the effects on your cash flow.

Getting Started with Managed Print Services

GDS Account Manager and Solution Architects assigned are prepared to help you with every stage of selecting and leveraging the right solution for your IT and purchasing environment. Our technique includes:

  • Interacting with major stakeholders to understand their objectives, requirements, and budget
  • A remote printer fleet evaluation of your existing environment
  • Solution assess, plan, and design services
  • Vendor evaluations
  • Service and product recommendations
  • Product evaluations and demonstrations
  • Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the final solution
  • Solution implementation, training, and ongoing product lifecycle support
  • Monitoring and management services of your printer environment
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